Patient Rights

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

  1. It is the policy of A New Start II, LLC d/b/a A New Start to provide quality services in an environment in which the needs of persons served are met through the protection of individual interests. Such an environment is based on respect of the dignity of the person served as an individual who is provided care in a courteous and compassionate manner. The dedication of each employee to the components outlined in this policy is essential in achieving our goal of protection of individual rights and interests.
  1. All persons receiving services from A New Start shall retain all rights, benefits, and privileges guaranteed by Federal, State, and local law, except those specifically lost through the due process of law.
  2. Persons served have the right to be treated with courtesy and dignity and are at all times entitled to respect for their individuality and the recognition that their strengths, abilities, needs, and preferences are not determinable on the basis of a psychiatric diagnosis.
  3. Persons served have the right to be notified of all rights accorded them as recipients of services at the time of admission or intake, and in terms that he or she understands.
  4. Persons served have the right to receive services conducted in a manner reflecting quality professional and ethical standards of practice and shall be apprised of the organization’s code of ethics/conduct.
  5. Persons served have the right to receive services without discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, domestic/marital status, political affiliation or opinion, veteran’s status, physical/mental handicap.
  6. Persons served have the right to be treated in an environment free from physical abuse, sexual abuse, physical punishment, or psychological abuse by threatening, intimidating, harassing, or humiliating actions on the part of the staff.
  7. Persons served have the right to privacy during facility visits.  Individuals and/or group visits are permitted only when the purpose of the visitation is education or professional in nature.  
  8. Persons served have the right to confidentiality.  Information may not be released without written permission, except as the law permits or requires.  
  9. Persons served, have the right to seek help and/or assistance with all aspects of their care.  Patients may seek legal, financial, or any outside professional help that will aid them in their journey to sobriety.
  10. Persons served, have the right to review their record at any reasonable time upon request.  Clients shall receive one (1) complimentary copy of the client record in accordance with KRS 422.317
  11. Persons served, along with family or significant other(s), when appropriate, have the right to participate in their treatment and treatment planning.  Persons served have a right to a full and complete explanation of the nature of treatment and any known or potential risks involved therein.
  12. Persons served have the right to request and receive outside (other than A New Start employees) professional consultation regarding their treatment at their own expense.  
  13. Persons served have the right to informal complaint and/or formal grievance regarding practices or decisions that impact their treatment or status without fear or concern for reprisal by the organization or its staff and have the right to have this process clearly communicated to them upon entry to services and throughout participation in services.
  14. Persons served have the right to refuse to participate in research without loss of services and participate in research on a voluntary basis only with full written informed consent.
  15. Persons served have the right to access guardians, self-help groups, advocacy services, and legal services at any time.
  16. All persons served will be assessed for appropriate placing.  Should ANSII not be the appropriate placement for you as a patient we will work with you and our colleagues across the commonwealth to ensure that you are referred to and placed in an appropriate facility that better fits your medical/addiction needs at the time of assessment. 
  1. Persons served have the responsibility to treat other persons served and employees with courtesy.
  2. Persons served have the responsibility to behave in such a way as to protect themselves and others from exposure to or transmission of any infectious or communicable disease, including diseases that are sexually transmitted.
  3. Persons served have the responsibility to make their concerns known to A New Start staff and to ask questions when they require information from staff.
  4. Persons served have the responsibility to follow all of A New Start safety rules and posted signs.
  5. Persons served have the responsibility to keep scheduled appointments.
  6. Persons served have the responsibility to attend services without the use of alcohol or illicit drugs.
Revised/Reviewed 9,2019, 8,2020

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