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Thank God for this amazing clinic and its staff! Last Tuesday was my 51-month mark in recovery “this time “. Do you want to know what’s different about “this time “...... this time? I believe with my heart it’s my LAST THIS TIME. I’m so grateful to be able NOT to ever have to say that again! Medicated assistance therapy has helped me achieve 51 months of recovery.  My life has changed in so many ways. I feel like me again. My two brilliant adult children are in my life, they’ve always been in my life, but now I’m 100% present now.  Dr. Hardison and his clinic have given me LIFE.  I’m positive if I hadn’t walked in their door, I wouldn’t be here. A New Start clinic is my safe place.  It’s part of my life, they are my extended family now. My therapist Miss Donna Woodward and my Dr. Welborne have both helped me to get this far and they are my angels sent from heaven. This clinic is a first-class recovery. If you are struggling with the disease of addiction, give yourself a break and walk in that door. You’ll be glad you did it!

Kimberly N - (5-star review left on Google)


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