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I’d like to share a quick take on my first month at A New Start II, LLC. Due to 19 major spinal surgeries and brain surgery, I’ve been forced to be on opioids and other strong pain medication since the winter of 2004 to control excruciating chronic pain and at times to even walk. It’s been a rough ride. During that time like most chronic pain sufferers, I’ve had to endure feeling and being treated like a criminal by the very doctors and staff that I thought were there to help me at pain clinics. Wasn’t just getting a bad doctor because I’ve had a few, it was the system that was set up to control who gets pain medication and how much they get. Well, I’d had enough! I started with these wonderful folks at A New Start II after talking to a friend about her road to wellness and I started taking the medication Suboxone they use to get patients off opioids. I know withdrawal all too well and it is awful to have to experience, especially if you’re in the shape I’m in. I can honestly say I haven’t experienced withdrawal whatsoever while on the Suboxone and it’s been right at a month now! You add that to the treatment you receive from the doctors and staff and I wish I’d have had them in my life a long time ago. Everyone I have talked to their staff-wise truly cares about how you’re doing. They understand you’re not perfect and work with you to solve any issue you may have. I have also not talked to one single patient that’s said one bad thing about anyone or their treatment there. Folks if your needing help please don’t hesitate to call them. I’ll already put my good name on the line and promise you that if you ask them for help they won’t judge you they will jump up and help you with every tool they have. I sure am glad I did!

John B - (5-star review left on Google)


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