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My therapist and my doctor really saved me from myself. I know that I made the decisions and did the work, but the guidance and support kept me grounded and on task. The treatment plan was designed for me individually, there was no cookie-cutter DSM analysis that I was pigeonholed into then treated. I cannot speak for any other patients, but as for me, A NEW START gave me exactly what the mission statement and title say, "A NEW START" and I received a new start at life and the chance to become the kind of person that can be a part of something bigger and better than myself. There is no way thank you can express the gratitude I feel.

-Christopher C.

For anyone that is struggling to stay sober and remove opiates from their lives once and for all, this task is not an easy one. The majority of people that were opiate addicts lived with the false impression that fun and happiness does not exist without opiates.

It is said that the environment in which we live and the people we keep in our company can influence our lives a great deal. Why is this happening? Well, people tend to have a lot of habits, some of them healthier and some of not that great.

Fun hobbies while being sober... What former addicts should understand is that life can be extremely fun without opiates. In fact, now you have all your senses and mind alert, so you can enjoy every minute of your life.

I am so happy for the first time in a long time. I feel free. All thanks go to the staff at A New Start!

Sallie J - (5-star review left on Google)


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