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Care Coordinator

Reports to: Program Director/Clinical Supervisor

Work in collaboration with Administration, Medical Director, MAT providers, Therapists, Targeted Case Managers, Adult Peer Support Specialists, and other staff members. 

Position Summary: 

The Care Coordinator ensures patient navigation is implemented by bridging communication among care providers (MAT providers, therapists, TCM, APSS), appointment coordination, and outside referrals. Keeps patients engaged in their care; monitors program compliance and facilitates the transition of care amongst providers.  The Care Coordinator provides support to staff and clients. 

Core Requirements: 

  • Works collaboratively and respectfully with staff and others—individually and as part of a team—to achieve optimal efficiency, outcomes and morale 
  • Interacts in a culturally competent manner with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to: socio-economics, race and ethnicity, nationality and religion, both in-clinic and in the community
  • Maintains excellent and punctual attendance 
  • Attends and actively participates in staff and departmental meetings Page 2 of 2 
  • Attends agency functions and meetings as relevant or required 
  • Works at any or all ANS clinics, as needed 
  • Uses computer daily including e-mail, word documents, spreadsheets, patient management system, electronic health record, and patient portal, as needed to carry out essential job functions 
  • Maintains any required licensure/certification 
  • Demonstrates commitment to agency mission and goals 
  • Abides by corporate compliance program, HIPAA regulations, and other agency policies and procedures 
  • Performs other duties as assigned


  • Review intake assessment, needs assessment, treatment planning, and reassessment services for patient care
  • Review patient cases and facilitate communication between providers and patient
  • Reviews patient cases and provides advice, direction, and support as needed
  • May meet with patients after provider appointments to review and update care plans.
  • Screen clients for eligibility for direct and support services and make recommendations to MAT providers as needed, such as mental health, housing, crisis, and employment assistance. 
  • Provides day-to-day support as needed

Organizational and administrative duties: 

  • Facilitate Care Team meetings with all providers to discuss client Care Plan and share information regarding referral sources 
  • Document client services in medical records 
  • Establish and retain client referral systems from care coordination systems 
  • Maintain documentation of all client encounters and complete reporting requirements according to organization standards 
  • Track client information, schedules, files, and forms in a confidential manner 
  • Initiate outreach and missed appointment procedures, as necessary 
  • Attend and represent the organization at professional conferences, in-service trainings, and meetings at the request of or with the approval of supervisor 
  • Conduct quality assurance and monitoring activities for service delivery and documentationCommitment to the mission of care coordination 
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills and ability to speak concisely to clients and interact with Care Team members 
  • Organized with confidential client material, appointment tracking, and caseloads 
  • Ability to build relationships with different types of people, including clients, organization members, and members of the health care team 

Education and experience: 

  • BA, LCSW/LPCC, or RN/LPN degree 
  • 2 years minimum of case management experience 
  • Strong understanding of cultural competency with the target population





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