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A New Start Clinics is a leading provider of specialized quality care for opioid drug use management and recovery. We support the education and understanding of addiction as a disease so that more patients and communities can find the care they need to focus on and overcome the current national opioid epidemic.

We are the only addiction clinic to have two Board Certified Addictionology experts on staff.  W. Kelly Vincent, M.D. with over 25 years experience, and Barry Hardison, M.D. with more than 36 years experience.

Addictive illness is a chronic brain disease that can be addressed with treatment and treatment works. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs and the medications used today have been studied and proven to be highly successful in recovery over years of research.

At New Start Clinics, our programs use the latest science to create a comprehensive plan for patients that include MAT, counseling, and medical services. Programs are customized to the patient’s needs and services are delivered in a way that respects the dignity, value, and self-worth of every individual.

We are committed to each of our patient's success stories. We believe in you. We are a part of the recovery process every step of the way.

Let us be a part of yours.

A New Start Clinics provides medication, individual and group behavioral therapy, a 12-step program, targeted case management, peer support services.

The team at A New Start ll, LLC (ANS) understands that opiate addiction is a chronic disease, and like any chronic disease, it requires treatment. 

Opiate addiction results from a deficiency of dopamine, which is a chemical of the brain (the Nucleus Accumbens). Dopamine in this part of the brain allows a person to feel good, content, or happy. 

Other chronic diseases involve deficiencies in specific chemicals in the body. For instance, Parkinson's Disease is caused by dopamine deficiency in an area of the brain called the Substantia Nigra. Diabetes is caused by abnormalities involving the chemical insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. No one doubts that these are chronic diseases that require treatment and we are a leading provider of specialized quality care for opioid drug use management and recovery.


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The team at A New Start II, LLC (ANS) has the only addiction clinic to have two Board Certified Addictionology experts on staff.  W. Kelly Vincent, M.D. with over 25 years experience, and Barry Hardison, M.D. with more than 36 years of experience who practice according to the standard of care for recovery and treatment for addiction that has been studied and established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. This is called MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment). MAT is a comprehensive regimen that includes medication (Suboxone), individual and group behavioral therapy, and a 12-Step Program, all of which have been proven to be effective in recovery.

MAT, in some studies, results in up to 50% sobriety in one year! The abstinence-only model, which consists of a 12-Step Program plus or minus therapy, results in less than 10% sobriety at one year. 

Other opiates cause the release of an increased amount of dopamine which results in an "impairment or high". Suboxone only triggers the release of a normal amount of dopamine. Suboxone does not cause a person to build up a tolerance to the drug as other opiates do. A person may stay on two or three tablets or films a day (or less) and not require increasingly higher doses o get the same effect from treatment. 

We are often asked if Suboxone doesn't cause a "high", why is it bought and sold illegally? There are two main reasons. First, it becomes extremely difficult for opiate-addicted people to always have access to enough opiates to prevent them from having withdrawal. Suboxone stops symptoms of withdrawal immediately, allowing them time to find their opiate of choice.

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Second, many opiate-addicted people will try to treat their opiate addiction themselves with Suboxone because of the shame and guilt sometimes associated with admitting they are addicted and in need of help.

We at ANS understand that opiate addiction is truly a chronic disease associated with much hopelessness and often results in death. However, it doesn't have to end in death or misery. If you are addicted, you CAN experience joy and happiness with true, lasting recovery. We see every day how successful and productive opiate-addicted people become when they get sober! 

We know opiate-addicted individuals can't just stop on their own. We are here to help and support (you) every step of the way back to sobriety. We at ANS truly understand the needs and want to help others successfully overcome opiate addiction once and maintain sobriety for a lifetime. 

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